Attorney-Client Privilege

When you are looking to hire an attorney, or have already hired one to represent you, it is important to understand attorney-client privilege and what it means for you.

Attorney-client privilege is a legal concept that means all communication between you and your attorney is confidential. Your attorney keeps what you say private and even the attorneys on the opposite side of your case cannot demand access to those private communications. The court will uphold this privilege unless you agree to waive it.  

Privileged communications include all spoken or written conversations between you and your attorney, whether they are conducted in person or by videoconference, phone call or text message. In addition to your attorney, any legal secretaries, paralegals and receptionists who work on your case are considered part of the attorney-client relationship, and therefore any information they acquire as part of doing their jobs is also privileged.

What does this mean for you?

You can speak freely about every detail of your case, knowing that your confidentiality is protected by this legal privilege, which was intended to build trust between clients and their attorneys. And it serves a practical purpose. The more information the experienced personal injury attorneys at Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf have about the incident that led you to seek legal help, the better we can represent you or your family member who has suffered a serious or fatal injury. 

If you or a loved one has been injured, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf for a free consultation. Your Recovery Is Always Our Focus.