Bringing a Personal Injury Claim on Behlaf of Your Child

When children under the age of 18 are injured in an accident, parents are sometimes unsure if they should make a personal injury claim on behalf of their child. Although the procedures for collecting compensation for a minor vary somewhat from state to state, in general a child has a right to compensation for pain and suffering, permanent injury, or disability in the same manner and for the same amounts as an adult. Generally speaking, the responsibility for paying medical bills rests with the parents and a claim under the Illinois Family Expense Act by the parent allows for the recovery of these medical expenses. Some examples of situations where parents can make a claim on behalf of their injured child include the following:

  • Car Accident as a Passenger
  • Bicycle Accident
  • Accident as a Pedestrian
  • Injury caused by a Dangerous Product
  • Accident at School, Nursery or College
  • Accidents in a Public Place such as a supermarket or restaurant
  • Injury due to Medical Negligence

In most instances a personal injury settlement for a child under age 18 requires the approval of the court. The court will also require supervision of the how any settlement funds are deposited to protect the child’s best interests.If your child was involved in an accident that was the fault of someone you may want to consider talking with one of the experienced personal injury attorneys at Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf LLC to make sure your child’s rights are protected.