Attorneys Must Get Creative In Client Case Resolution

Civil Jury Trials have been suspended in the Cook County Law Division since COVID restrictions first were set out last March, and it appears jury trials are not resuming anytime soon. This is creating a backup of cases awaiting trial dates. 

Plaintiffs who suffered serious personal injury need the compensation that a personal injury settlement or verdict provides them to pay for medical bills and other expenses. Similarly, Defendants are entitled to have claims against them resolved in a timely manner. 

Because of this, it is incumbent on lawyers, on both sides of the bar, to be creative in figuring out ways to advance and resolve cases for our clients. While we all pride ourselves in our ability to walk into a courtroom and persuade a jury that our client should win, we all need to fully explore other means of dispute resolution in good faith to keep the wheels of justice moving forward.

If we don’t, we will fail in performing the job our clients expect.