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what is the purpose of the civil justice system
Hot Topics

Safety and Accountability: What is the Purpose of the Civil Justice System?

Examining How Civil Law Serves Everyone The civil justice system plays a vital role in keeping us safe and holding wrongdoers accountable. Through civil lawsuits, ...
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Police Misconduct

In Circuit Court

The City of Evanston will pay $2.7 million to the family of a homeless man who died nearly two years after being paralyzed, allegedly from ...
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police misconduct lawyers chicago
Police Misconduct

Fight for Compensation with Top Police Misconduct Lawyers in Chicago

When you need police misconduct lawyers in Chicago, the seasoned team at Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf is ready to help. Learn more here.
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What is the civil justice system
Hot Topics

What is the Civil Justice System — And Why Does It Matter?

What is the civil justice system — and who is it designed to protect? Learn more from Mitchell Hoffman and Wolf.
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chicago distracted driving accident lawyer
Car, Trucking, & Transportation Accident

Find the Right Chicago Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

As driving accidents are on the rise, learn how to find the right Chicago distracted driving accident lawyer to secure the best results for your ...
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Chicago injury law firm

Work with a Chicago Injury Law Firm that Keeps You Prepared

Not sure what to expect in your personal injury lawsuit? Learn how our Chicago injury law firm keeps you prepared so you can answer the ...
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Success Stories

Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago: One Client’s Testimonial 

Looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Chicago to represent you? Learn more about one of our client’s experiences working with our firm.
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illinois tort reform
Hot Topics

Illinois Tort Reform

Over the past decade, the topic of tort reform has risen into top focus for lawyers, insurance companies, and the general public alike. Tort reform ...
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Chicago nursing home negligence
Hot Topics

Exploring Causes of Chicago Nursing Home Negligence: Staffing Challenges, Statistics, and Finding the Right Lawyer

As staffing challenges amplify, Chicago nursing home negligence is on the rise. Learn how we can fight for your best outcome.
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chicago auto injury lawyer
Success Stories

Work with a Winning Chicago Auto Injury Lawyer

Need a Chicago auto injury lawyer? Learn about our recent $1 million settlement and how the skilled team of Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf can help.
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top rated personal injury lawyers chicago mitchell hoffman & wolf

Partner with Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago

Need top personal injury lawyers in Chicago? Explore our award-winning team and the numerous multi-million dollar settlements we’ve secured.
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chicago church lawyer
Church & School Assault

Fight For Justice with a Chicago Church Lawyer

Have you suffered physical or sexual abuse in a place of worship? Learn how a Chicago church lawyer from Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf can fight ...
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