What is the civil justice system

What is the Civil Justice System — And Why Does It Matter?

What is the Civil Justice System?

The civil justice system is a fundamental pillar within the United States to provide safety and justice to all and uphold the laws set by state and federal governments. When someone is injured or killed due to the wrongdoing of another party, the civil justice system offers the chance for the victim or their loved ones to get compensation and justice for this negligence. This system also brings this misconduct to light and works to deter other parties from committing similar acts by setting legal precedent in support of victims. 

At Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf, we’re committed to fighting for the rights of our clients who have faced injuries at the hands of negligent parties. From auto accidents to police misconduct to nursing home negligence and much more, we work tirelessly to secure the best results for our clients so they can obtain the justice and the compensation they deserve. 

Learn more about the importance of the civil justice system, how it functions within our society, and why our firm endlessly upholds this critical function of democracy.

What is the Role of the Civil Justice System?


The civil justice system exists to protect the rights of citizens against injury and death due to another individual’s negligent behavior. If someone chooses to drive under the influence and injures another person on the road, they can be held responsible and accountable within the eyes of the law. This accountability allows victims to achieve justice and to secure necessary financial compensation for their damages, both physical and emotional. 

Financial Security

If an injury at the hands of another party leaves you with steep medical expenses and the inability to work to support yourself, the civil justice system is designed to secure you the compensation you need to move forward after your injury. Without this vital system and the ability to fight for a settlement, victims would be forced to rely on taxpayer-funded government programs and negligent parties would not be held financially liable for the injuries they caused. 

Public Record

Sometimes, organizations can put people at risk of injury or death due to their own negligence. The civil justice system can bring these actions to light and ensure that unsafe practices are properly publicized. This keeps everyone better informed and prevents wrongdoers from concealing their actions from the public. It also allows the experiences of the victims to be heard and achieve a greater sense of justice. 

Deterring Future Negligence 

The civil justice system is designed to impact far more than each individual case it oversees. The effects of a medical negligence case are far-reaching — from the evolution of one individual’s experience, new precedence can be set so further individual rights are protected and future negligence can be deterred. Though the system cannot stop all negligence, every instance of accountability reflects a victim whose rights were recognized and upheld, which can domino into real change throughout the entire system. 

Upholds the Individual, Not the Corporation 

When corporations fight against single individuals, the power difference can feel too skewed for the victim to have a chance at justice. The civil justice system exists to uphold the individual over the interests of corporations. This protects the most vulnerable in our society and holds all parties accountable for causing them harm. 

When so much is shaped around the interests of corporations over individuals, the civil justice system and dedicated personal injury attorneys like our firm stand firmly to uphold the interests of people instead. We work hard to ensure that if you or a loved one is ever injured at the hands of a negligent party, you can fight for justice and the compensation you deserve with the team you can trust on your side.

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