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Auto accidents are on the rise. In 2022, Illinois witnessed 1,147 fatal crashes, with nearly 400 happening in the Chicago area alone. These tragedies are all too common, but victims don’t have to face the aftermath alone: with the help of a skilled Chicago auto injury lawyer, you can fight for compensation and justice. 

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another driver, turn to Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf to fight for the best results. Our skilled lawyers bring decades of expertise and successful results to your case and are committed to securing you the best possible settlement. We’re proud to have fought for hundreds of victims of auto accident injuries over the years, including an $8.1 million settlement for a client who suffered significant neck and back injuries in a car crash.

Read on to learn more about our recent $1 million auto accident settlement, how we deliver the Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf difference, and how to get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Achieving a $1 Million Settlement for an Auto Accident

Chicago auto injury lawyer and seasoned Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf partner Ken Hoffman is proud to announce a $1 million settlement on behalf of his clients. A husband and wife were injured when an Amazon delivery driver made a left turn in front of their vehicle in Gibson County, Indiana. They suffered serious injuries and turned to Ken to fight for their best interests and secure fair compensation and justice.

Ken discovered a crucial piece of evidence that helped him win the case. A dashcam video from the defendant’s vehicle captured the entire event, including the speed of the defendant’s vehicle at the time of the impact. This compelling evidence presented by Ken helped prove the negligence of the defendant and helped the clients obtain the compensation they deserved for their injuries.

Ken achieved a $1 million settlement for his clients, which reflected the maximum policy limits of the insurance policy of the defendant’s vehicle. In this case and all, Ken fights for his clients to receive the best results possible so they can focus on their recovery from their injuries.

Partner with a Skilled Chicago Auto Accident Lawyer

When you require representation from a Chicago auto accident lawyer who knows what it takes to win, turn to Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf. Our expert attorneys have spent decades tirelessly fighting for clients to get the best possible outcome. Each lawyer has been recognized by various honors and awards, including Leading Lawyers, Illinois Super Lawyers, and more. Our victories and achievements showcase our ability to deliver top-notch representation to clients in need. 

At Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf, we never pass your case on to less experienced lawyers or other firms. You can trust one of our skilled named partners to take the lead and push your case forward, getting to work immediately so we can get your settlement in your hands faster. We’ll handle every step of the process so you can focus on recovering, including the gathering of evidence, all communication with the insurance companies, and more. Your recovery is our focus, and we do everything we can to strive for the best outcome. 

Each of our partners boasts a long record of success in securing multi-million dollar settlements for auto accident injuries. We understand the complexities of these types of cases and how to build the strongest argument to achieve the results you need. Our partner J. Mitchell even authored a chapter on providing fault in auto accidents for the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education, showcasing our firm’s immense expertise in the subject. 

For a Chicago auto accident lawyer who won’t settle for less than you deserve, choose Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf. 

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