Do You Have One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs? Keys To Injury Prevention & Recovery

Work-related accidents can occur anywhere and happen to anyone.  Despite the fact that work-related accidents are common occurrences, a relatively simple case can quickly turn complicated if prompt action is not taken following the accident.  If you are injured at work, you should immediately seek medical attention and report the incident to your supervisor.  You should also make sure to maintain comprehensive and complete documentation of the incident and any resulting injuries.

Workplace safety has improved recently, as occupational fatality rates in the US reached a 23-year low in 2013.  (Source: Americas Health Rankings ). Certainly, some jobs come with higher risk than others.

Take a look at the top 10 most deadly and dangerous jobs in America. Think some high-sea adventure as a fisherman sounds like an exciting career? Commercial fishing is listed as the #1 most dangerous job in America.

Considering new car sharing services as a convenient way to make more income?  Taxi drivers and chauffeurs come in at number 10.

What can you do to protect yourself in the case of a workplace injury? First off, stay away from careers in those listed as 1 � 10.  In all seriousness, it is important to further your education and be aware of your rights.

1. Make sure you understand all safety and workers compensation policies at your job, whether it is one at a desk or on the high seas.  Injuries can still occur at what seem to be the safest of jobs.

2. Become familiar with (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the training opportunities it provides.  Alert your employer if you don’t have a program for training already implemented where one is needed.

3. Follow the efforts of; their key mission is to improve the nation’s health, with a 10-year agenda that kicked off in 2010.  One of many components of this mission is occupational safety.  Learn more about how you can get involved here.

4. If you do get injured on the job, get first aid or medical care immediately. Delays in medical care may impact your case further down the road.  Continue any treatment as directed.  This is critical not only to your health but to your claim.

Are you dealing with lost income due to a workplace injury that is unresolved? Concerned that your risk is high? Give us a call ASAP to make sure your injury is addressed and your questions are answered.