Ken Hoffman Joins ISBA’s “Bringing The Courtroom To The Classroom” Program

I am excited to announce that I am a volunteer instructor for the Illinois State Bar Association’s “Bringing the Courtroom to the Classroom” program. This program provides high school students insight on how our court system works, and demonstrating to them the impact of real life scenarios.

It is important that as lawyers we educate the community on what we do. Many people have a fear of lawyers and the court system, when the system is actually there to protect people and give them ways to resolve their disputes. Incorporating a better understanding of our legal system into classroom discussions is easy and helps the students build a lasting respect for our judicial system. Law-related education has been shown to develop good citizenship skills, prevent delinquency, expand interest in social studies, and introduce students to respected professionals in the community.

High school aged students have completed their mandatory constitutional law of education and testing, but like anything you learn, unless you use it in practical setting it doesn’t have a lot of relevant meaning. By using the fact pattern from an actual United States Supreme Court decision students can engage in the discussion and share their own perspective. For example – when is it legal for a student to have their backpack or locker searched by school personnel?

If you are interested in having me come in to your school system, you can reach me at the following:

LinkedIn –  Ken Hoffman:
(312) 726-6722

You can learn more about the program here: