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Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, Nurse Practitioners And Doctors Are Not The Same

As hospitals and clinics in the United States look to cut costs in search of profits, more and more patients are being encouraged to rely ...
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Success Stories

One Million Dollar Settlement in Dog Attack Case

Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf partners J. Wesley Mitchell and Kenneth Hoffman recently secured a $1 million settlement for the victim of a vicious dog attack ...
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Partner Jay Mitchell Publishes ‘Discovery & Litigation’ Chapter in “Proving Fault in Auto Accident Cases”

Congratulations to our partner J. Wesley Mitchell on the publication of Proving Fault in Auto Accident Cases.  This new book, from the Illinois Institute for Continuing ...
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Success Stories

$300,000 Nursing Home Settlement & Tips for Protecting Your Loved Ones

Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf is proud to announce a $300,000 settlement on behalf of an 85-year-old man who suffered a broken leg when he was ...
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Car, Trucking, & Transportation Accident

You’ve Received a Subpoena As Witness to a Car Accident, Now What?

A question we commonly receive here at Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf, from friends, is: “I was a witness to a car accident, and I received ...
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Why Partner Ken Hoffman Chose Personal Injury Law and the MHW Difference

People often ask me what I enjoy about the work I do as personal injury attorneys. As early as our first meeting, it is wonderful ...
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Hot Topics

List of Top Sentinel Events for 2018 Released

At Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf, Your Recovery is Always Our Focus. In order to provide our clients with the best possible representation, we keep a ...
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Success Stories

MHW Client Reaches Settlement for One Million Dollar Policy Limits in Lake County Auto Collision

MHW is pleased to announce on behalf of our client, the successful resolution of a case stemming from a motor vehicle accident which occurred last summer on ...
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Hot Topics

What Are Your Rights As A Student When A Teacher or Other Faculty Member Requests To Search Your Personal Belongings?

Recently, I was honored to help teach three Civics classes at a local high school in a discussion of Supreme Court cases addressing how the ...
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Hot Topics

Criminal Cases VS Civil Cases

Criminal cases are brought by the government prosecutor against an individual or corporation for violating the law. The punishment in those cases is generally jail ...
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Hot Topics

Why Does A Personal Injury Case Take So Long?

A question we are commonly asked here at Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf by our clients is, “Why do cases take so long?”.And the answer is ...
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Medical Malpractice

Damage Caps Shown To Have No Role in Reducing Doctor’s Malpractice Premiums

Americans for Insurance Reform recently published two studies of the medical malpractice insurance industry. These studies show that malpractice premiums and claims made are at the lowest ...
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