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Chicago Nursing Home Neglect: Fight for Your Loved Ones with the Right Lawyers

When a loved one experiences neglect or abuse in a nursing home facility you’ve trusted to care for them, it can be a painful, challenging and complicated experience. Chicago nursing home neglect is sadly too common, despite federal and state laws defining sufficient care protocols for residents. When nursing homes are understaffed or lack the proper training and oversight, negligence and abuse can occur. In some situations, nursing home residents are unable to communicate their experiences to their loved ones.

If you’re concerned about the care a loved one is receiving at a care facility, you’re not alone. Turn to the experienced Chicago nursing home neglect lawyers at Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf to discuss your concerns and find a path forward. Our team understands the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act and knows how to fight for the justice and compensation you and your family deserve. 

Read on to learn more about what to expect and how the trusted team at Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf can advocate for you in a nursing home neglect lawsuit. 

Understanding Chicago Nursing Home Neglect Laws and Lawsuits

Nursing home neglect and abuse can take many forms. Common signs of negligence to look out for include pressure ulcers (bed sores), unexplained injuries, dehydration, malnutrition, and instances of wandering or elopement. Negligence also appears when nursing home care staff aren’t providing for some of your loved one’s basic needs, such as meals and showers, or the mishandling of medication, such as depriving doses or doubling up on them.

Abuse may include physical forms with the use of physical restraints, assault, choking, or sexual assault, as well as emotional abuse. If you’re concerned you’ve seen any signs of negligence or abuse, connect with a lawyer to explore your options. 
Nursing home neglect and abuse are serious, and there are federal and state laws in place to protect your loved ones.

Nursing homes are responsible for providing proper care to their residents, and when they fail to provide or wilfully withhold adequate medical care, you can file a lawsuit. These settlements can help you seek justice and receive the funds you need to find a new facility for your loved ones and provide for their needs.

Fighting against negligent nursing homes can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. When you’re ready, turn to seasoned Chicago nursing home neglect lawyers to fight for your family and win your case.

Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf: Decades of Success for Nursing Home Neglect Victims

At Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf, we’ve spent decades fighting for Chicago nursing home neglect victims and their families. We have deep knowledge of local, state and federal laws pertinent to this area and we know how to build the strongest case against negligent nursing homes. We’ll always work hard to get your family the justice and compensation you deserve. Here’s what makes us different from other law firms:

Always Work with a Named Partner

At some law firms, your case may be passed to newer lawyers or someone else, but when you partner with Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf, you can always count on one of our named partners to be dedicated to your case. Each of our attorneys has decades of experience successfully securing multi-million dollar settlements for our clients, and we’ll bring that same expertise to your case. We spend time truly listening to your experience and understanding your needs, then we dedicate our efforts to winning the case for you and your family.

Award-Winning, Comprehensive Support

In addition to our long record of success stories, each of our lawyers has been honored with many awards and recognitions, including the Illinois Super Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, and more. We provide this honored support from the start of your case to the end, always responsive to your needs. We’re here to help you through this difficult time and take care of all interactions with insurance companies, nursing homes, and other parties so you can focus on your loved ones while we push your case forward.

Never Settle for Less Than You Deserve

Where some law firms may focus more on pushing through cases quickly and won’t fight as hard for the settlement you deserve, our team has a never-give-up approach to our battle for justice and compensation. We never rush through cases, will track down every detail, and we understand how critical the lawsuit is for our clients and their families. For many, it’s not simply about obtaining a settlement, it’s about getting a sense of justice. We work hard and give our full fight to ensure you get that feeling, in addition to the compensation you deserve.

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