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Your Police Chase Lawsuit Representation Matters

Police pursuits often occur at high speeds on busy roadways, endangering not only the officers and the vehicle they’re chasing but also innocent members of the public. 

Police work is a dangerous job involving split-second decisions and the law provides officers protection from being sued for negligence when they are enforcing the law and protecting the public. However, Illinois law does not allow police officers to act with reckless disregard for the safety of the public. If you’ve been injured and need skilled representation for a police chase lawsuit, we’re here to help.

The personal injury lawyers at Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf have decades of experience fighting for clients like you in cases involving police misconduct. Learn more about our long history of success in helping people injured in auto accidents caused by high-speed police pursuits or from the use of excessive force by officers. We know what it takes to get our clients the compensation they deserve. 

Read on to explore how Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf can help if you have been injured as a result of reckless misconduct during a police chase. 

Our Recent Police Chase Lawsuit Settlement 

At Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf, we work hard to achieve the best possible settlement for our clients. Recently, Kenneth A. Hoffman and J. Wesley Mitchell represented a client injured in a police chase. The client was an innocent bystander, and her injuries were sustained from a crash caused by a police officer who engaged in a high-speed pursuit down a residential street.

The client turned to our skilled team for help, and we discovered the officer’s conduct violated Police Department Policy. We were able to establish through deposition testimony and the use of the Police Department’s own Policy Manual that the officer’s behavior was reckless and secured our client a settlement of $944,000. 

When you partner with Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf, you can count on our skilled legal team to analyze the facts of your case, develop a strategic and comprehensive plan, and work hard to secure the compensation you deserve.

Why Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf is the Right Choice for Your Police Chase Lawsuit

With so many personal injury attorneys available to choose from, making a decision about representation may feel difficult. At Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf, we strive to go a step further than other firms in the way we support and fight for our clients, and three key factors distinguish us from the rest. 

Always Work with a Named Lawyer 

When you choose our team, you can trust you will always have a named partner dedicated to your police chase lawsuit. Your case won’t be handed off for someone else to work on and you will benefit from the efforts of our skilled personal injury attorneys — with each holding decades of experience successfully securing multi-million dollar settlements. We take time to get to know your needs and circumstances, dedicating our efforts to understanding what happened and how we can help. 

Comprehensive Case Support 

We strive to support your needs from start to finish, so you can count on our team to keep you updated throughout the process. When you partner with us, you can focus your energy on your own recovery and trust our personal injury lawyers are pushing your case forward and fighting for the best result. We know the litigation process can be stressful, so we work hard to handle everything and allow you to recover from your injuries without worry. 

Proven Success

We’re proud to showcase a long record of success. For us, each settlement represents more than just a number: it represents the impact we’ve had in helping to improve our clients’ lives as they recover from their injuries. The large settlements we’ve secured have helped our clients afford critical expenses like medical bills for treatment. We work hard so you don’t have to accept an unfair offer from insurance companies more concerned with their own profit margins than the compensation you deserve. Our proven history of success is further supported by the awards and honors our lawyers have received, including recognition from Illinois Super Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, and more.

Choose Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf to Handle Your Personal Injury Case

When you require experienced representation for a police chase lawsuit, we’re here to help. You can count on our trusted team to dedicate our full efforts to supporting you and fighting for the financial compensation you deserve. We will work hard and fight to secure you the maximum settlement possible in order to help you recover and move forward after you have been injured. 

We offer a free initial consultation to learn more about your options and how we can help. When you work with Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf, you won’t owe us a cent until we’ve secured your settlement. 

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