Children and the Importance of Bicycle Helmets

As parents, one of the more difficult questions we have asked ourselves is “should my child wear a helmet while riding their bike?” As personal injury attorneys, we would answer “yes.”

Riding a bike is a childhood rite of passage and a great way to get exercise, but it also puts your child at risk of being hit by a car or injured in a fall, particularly when children are still learning how to ride safely. Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces those risks. The data is clear: the chance of your child suffering a traumatic head or brain injury increases when they’re not wearing a helmet. Helmets can reduce the severity of these kinds of injuries, and they have saved many children’s lives. 

Kids often resist wearing helmets because they “don’t look cool” or can be uncomfortable on a hot summer day, so it can be a challenge for parents to ensure their children follow this rule of safe bike riding. But our experience working on some heartbreaking personal injury cases involving bikes has convinced us that parents should hold firm on a “no helmet, no bike riding” rule. When everyone in the family — including parents — wears a helmet, it’s easier to get the kids to comply. Some families make a creative art project out of decorating their helmets. Whatever it takes to get them to wear it. 

Illinois law does not require bicycle helmets, but that does not mean riding without a helmet is safe. Falls happen and, unfortunately, so do car accidents, and these incidents can lead to fatal brain injuries. 

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