Jay Mitchell Why I Became a Personal Injury Attorney

There’s no greater purpose in life than serving people in need. Our clients come to us because they’ve been injured, or have suffered the loss of a loved one through negligence, and they need help.Many of our clients may have lost their ability to work or have lost the family wage earner. They are vulnerable, can easily be taken advantage of by insurance companies and their lawyers, and they need someone to stand up for them.

When I was 12, my sister and I were passengers in the car our mother was driving when we were struck by a drunk driver,five days before Christmas. Our car was totalled and our mother spent two weeks in the hospital, including Christmas and the new year, recovering from her injuries. The insurance company for the drunk driver came to the hospital the day after the accident, and offered my mother $3500 to settle her claim. My family, not knowing any better, accepted the settlement. My mother actually signed the release while she was lying in her hospital bed. That settlement left my family with thousands of dollars in medical bills and no car. She was unable to work for six weeks. This truly left us in a big financial mess that took years to get out of. No family should be taken advantage of like that. But my family, like many others, was unaware of what our rights were. That is why I became a personal injury attorney.

At Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf, our central focus is serving the needs of our clients, and there are very few professions where you can have a positive and direct impact on people’s lives. It is their one chance to recover, and we have to get it right. Achieving a good recovery for our clients can make a big difference in their quality of life.

Insurance companies hire lawyers to fight against injured people, and they don’t waste any time making sure their rights are protected, and neither should you. The court system can be a maze where you can easily get lost. People often feel hopeless and give up. To quote President Barack Obama “The best way not to feel hopeless is to get up and do something”.

If you or a loved one have been injured. Don’t give up or give in to the insurance companies. Let us help you protect your rights.