Trucking Negligence

Most drivers have experienced a “close call” with a large commercial truck on a highway or interstate. The attorneys at Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf have successfully handled numerous personal injury and wrongful death cases against truck drivers and their employers.

The investigation of whether negligence by a truck driver or the trucking company was a cause of the collision begins with a review of the Police Accident Report. This will provide the date, time and location of the event along with a brief synopsis of how the crash occurred. In some instances when there is a significant injury or death, a more detailed report may be filed. These reports will often include photographs, measurements and opinions as to the cause of the crash.

An examination should also be made into whether the vehicle had an electronic control module on-board or a video camera which recorded not only images of the crash but also the speed of the truck and time before impact that brakes were applied. These onboard devices are similar to an airplane’s “black box” which we often hear about following a tragedy involving a commercial jet.

Further analysis should also be made of the driver’s logs which must be kept pursuant to Federal Regulations to inspect for evidence of driver fatigue. The number of hours that an over-the-road truck driver can operate a vehicle is limited on a daily and weekly basis.

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