Who Is Going To Pay My Medical Bills?

A frequent question from clients at our initial meeting is “who will pay for my medical expenses?” Here is a quick synopsis of what options are available following a motor vehicle accident involving personal injuries.

  • Many automobile insurance policies contain Medical Payment Clauses. These “med-pay” provisions carry a set amount of coverage for medical expenses incurred in a motor vehicle collision regardless of who is at fault. These clauses generally cover anyone who suffered an injury while in the insured vehicle.
  • Private or Public Health Insurance Plans which cover your basic health care needs may also pay for your medical expenses. These programs view themselves as secondary payers but will usually pay the medical costs related to your injuries. It is important to understand that if your health plan pays medical charges for injuries suffered in a car accident they will assert a subrogation right on your personal injury case and expect to be paid back for the costs they advanced if you make a recovery from a third party who was responsible for causing the collision and your injuries.
  • If you are injured as a result of another driver’s negligence and you do not have any other health insurance coverage available, the doctor or the hospital where the care was provided may issue a Lien on your case. This means the doctor or hospital will defer receiving payment for the medical care until the end of the case.

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